Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Orange Pie

This recipe comes from a card from Kansas City Power & Light Co. I have never heard of Orange Pie before and found the recipe to be interesting. Spellcheck did not like the spelling of gelatin because of the added e at the end.


Peel four small or two large oranges, removing the inner white portion and seeds, dice and place in strainer. Whip a cup of cream until stiff, then sift in one-half cup of sugar and add two teaspoons of vanilla. Soak one tea­spoon of granulated gelatine in one tablespoon of cold water, then add two tablespoons of boiling water to dissolve it. Let cool, and while still in the liquid form, add it to the cream. In place of this, colored and flavored orange gelatine may be used, allowing two tablespoons in four tablespoons of water. Fold in the diced oranges. Pour into a cold baked pie shell and decorate with slices of peeled orange. The gelatine may be omitted, if the pie is to be served as soon as made. However, it holds up the cream, if the pie is to be served later. The color and flavor are quite delicious.




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