Monday, February 3, 2014

Lady of the Lake Prune Whip

This recipe comes from an old recipe card from Colonial Cleaners of Kansas City. I love the last 2 sentences on the card. Not one that I would ever try, but looks fun....

PUDDINGS and DESSERTS                        Second Series                  1 a

Colonial Cleaners & Dyers                 Kansas City's Leading Cleaners

MOST men, for the care of their wardrobe, depend on their wives. Does your husband, as often as he needs a refreshed suit to make him pre-sentdble, find that you have been as thoughtful as you should have been'!

Hadn't you better call now, Linwood 3900, Colonial Cleaners.

Linwood 3900                                                        1705 E. 31st Street



Soak over night one pound of prunes. Cook until tender. Sift through colander. When cold add the whites of two eggs beaten stiff. Sugar to taste and whip until very light.   Serve with whipped cream.

If you have a prejudice against prunes that prejudice will disappear if you try this once.  Truly a plebian has become an aristocrat.

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